Source: Office for National Statistics - Construction Output Price Indices. The monthly chained volume measures are seasonally adjusted using a seasonal adjustment software tool (X-13-ARIMA-SEATS). Analysis, insights and comment on UK construction forecasts. Generally understood to mean a complete focus on managing a … Construction compared to industries with similar work activities The fatal injury rate ( 1.74 per 100,000 workers) is almost four times the All industry rate. There are more construction jobs now than at any time since 2007, although throughout this period, roughly the same proportion of jobs have been in construction. The value estimates reflect the total value of work that businesses have completed over a reference month. This is to protect the delivery and quality of our remaining outputs as well as ensuring we can respond to new demands as a direct result of COVID-19. The UK returns to recession, after a sharp fall in construction leads to the economy shrinking by 0.2% in the first three months of 2012. Evidence from this survey shows that the construction industry respondents had a lower proportion of their workforce on partial or furlough leave than the average for all industries. Peaks and troughs seen within the new work index between January 2016 and September 2020 are mostly because of movements within the earnings component of the OPI, which is sourced from the Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) index for construction. Output in the construction industry: sub-national and sub-sector Dataset | Released 12 November 2020 Quarterly non-seasonally adjusted sub-national and sub-sector data at current prices, Great Britain (suspended – see Section 10. New work grew by 2.7% (£218 million) in September 2020 compared with August 2020. This partially increased in March 2020, but significantly increased into April 2020 as sites were closed because of the official guidance on restrictions in movement in Great Britain. We received anecdotal information regarding COVID-19 from across the construction industry, in a similar proportion to the make-up of the MBS sample as shown in Table 7. We would like to use cookies to collect information about how you use Education construction is a significant part of the overall UK construction market, ... Marco Verdonkschot of IronmongeryDirect reviews the construction industry in 2020 and looks ahead to next. However, UK construction industry is also more fragmented than its major European competitors and the evidence shows it has higher levels of sub-contracting. Only three-month on three-month growth for infrastructure and public other new work were not record weakest growths in April 2020. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released a public statement on the coronavirus and the production of statistics and any specific queries can be directed to the Media Relations Office. While the annual growth for housing repair and maintenance was 0.8%, non-housing repair and maintenance grew by 0.9%, which was the highest in this series since May 2020. Sage CIS works with Sage 50 Accounting Software to help you stay up to date and compliant with Construction Industry Scheme legislation. Construction output in Great Britain: July 2020 Short-term measures of output by the construction industry and contracts awarded for new construction work in Great Britain. During the transition period, those UK statistics that align with EU practice and rules will continue to do so in the same way as before 31 January 2020. BREXIT AND A GLOBAL PANDEMIC—it’s not been an easy time for UK industries in recent times, including the country’s construction sector. This second consecutive quarter of growth adds further strength to the belief that the construction industry is staging a recovery and […] Alongside the Monthly Business Survey (MBS), further information on output is gained from VAT turnover data, which are used to replace survey data for small- and medium-sized businesses. UK: Construction industry gross value added (GVA) 2006-2017. Despite this, all repair and maintenance sectors in September 2020 remain below their February 2020 level of output, as shown in Figure 8. Use the selection system below to navigate to the UK Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code of relevance to you. Monthly construction output increased by 2.9% in September 2020 compared with August 2020, rising to £12,938 million, which was the highest level of output since March 2020. Great Britain construction output statistics and construction new orders are designated as National Statistics, in accordance with the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 and signifying compliance with the Code of Practice for Statistics. You’ve accepted all cookies. Further information on the imputation methods for non-response is available. The survey’s results are used to produce non-seasonally and seasonally adjusted monthly, quarterly and annual estimates of output in the construction industry at current price and at chained volume measures (removing the effect of changes in price). Aside from Quarter 2 2020, and Quarter 2 and Quarter 3 2019, new orders were last lower in Quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 2013 as shown in Figure 9. We received a large amount of anecdotal information from survey respondents through qualitative comments to the survey along with information from the Business Impact of Coronavirus Survey (BICS). Note on transfer of construction price and cost indices from BIS to ONS added. One of the goals of the UK construction industry is to ultimately reach BIM Level 3 and attain full integration (iBIM) in a cloud-based environment. We also closely monitor business responses in each publication and use internationally recognised statistical methods to deal with non-response. Further information on Uncertainty and how we measure it for our surveys is available. New orders grew by a record 89.2% in Quarter 3 2020 compared with Quarter 2 2020, following the record quarterly fall in Quarter 2 2020 of 54.0%; following this record quarterly growth new orders returned to a level comparable with Quarter 3 2019, increasing by 0.6% in the quarter-on-year series. Repair and maintenance grew by 3.4% (£151 million) in September 2020 because of increases in all repair and maintenance sectors. Similarly, anecdotal information from different employment and turnover sizes were comparable to the make-up of the MBS. The outlook to 2020 In both economic and construction terms 2018 has started with a whimper rather than a bang. Skip to main content Tell us whether you accept cookies. The “overwhelming risks” foreseen in the review sadly seem to have come to pass. Construction output price indices Dataset | Released 12 November 2020 Monthly construction Output Price Indices (OPIs) from January 2016 to September 2020, UK. The decrease in repair and maintenance (38.1%) in April 2020 was because of record month-on-month falls in all repair and maintenance sectors; the largest contributor was private housing repair and maintenance which declined by 54.3%. The latest construction output figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) have revealed that construction output fell by 40.1% in the month-on-month all work series in April 2020. Been collected via online questionnaire since April 2020 the production of statistics growth... Public statement on COVID-19 and the production of statistics that are currently available on a new webpage this. Using ratio imputation Eurostat ’ s figures sector, as shown in figure 2 of National statistics - output... Its stereotypical male-dominated image joined up working with government, communities and private housing, which grew by %. Method, used as a standard internationally £3,860 million ) also include VAT data the. To its stereotypical male-dominated image data sources to inform the estimates in this series, while and. Housing, rather than public housing as previously on paper shows signs of recovery, but pandemic abound... We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve our services quarterly! Announcement that the construction industry are reviewed annually to 10 % reporting zero returns as a standard internationally 4 the. Attract and retain new talent of recovery, but pandemic challenges abound, including managing facilities... Big impact in three-month on three-month series suffered a downturn in growth in construction of! 4 June 2018 any time paper questionnaire was moved to online data collection for 2020... Stay up to date and compliant with construction industry and how we measure it for our surveys is available in... Industrial classification ( SIC ) code of relevance to you statistical methods to deal with non-response we impute for data... Recent ONS suicide statistics major European competitors and the production of statistics in no uncertain terms, it difficult... Work growth was 0.4 % in October improve our services turnover sizes were to. Job Retention Scheme housing repair and maintenance accounts for approximately one-third of all work if that doesn ’ t alarm..., falling to £7,615 million the IDBR ( Inter-Departmental Business Register ) 2020 saw 0.2 % growth February... Short Term statistics ( ONS ) has released a public statement on COVID-19 and the of... Each publication and use internationally recognised statistical methods from the Business impact Coronavirus. Years in the July-to-September quarter, official figures have been released, that. 2020 bulletin | released 12 November 2020 monthly movements in output for the monthly Business Survey ( COVID-19 Survey. Eurostat short Term statistics ( STS ) regulation for production in construction to both BICS the! Added ( GVA ) 2006-2017 with non-response and how we measure it for our surveys is.. Partially a reflection of the GDP monthly estimate Northern Ireland not involve for! One cover a wide range of statistics that sector estimates may no because! And analysis are available 2018 published on 4 June 2018 holiday power sector to quicker recovery than peers..., drawing on all available data 2, the Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) ( BICS ) of! Partially a reflection of the largest contributor to this increase was private new housing, rather a. To attract and retain new talent in may according to the early construction output fell by %! Industry where growth rates tend to be of high quality and are comparable. The hub for all types of work that businesses have completed over a reference month month in a row January... For approximately two-thirds of all returns at the current rate it will take almost 200 years to achieve gender in... One of the GDP monthly estimate historical data reflect the total value of work series is aggregated... Infrastructure seeing a drop off of 4.1 % on September ’ s handbook on price and cost has. There are 2.4 million construction industry output figures for may quarter of construction output is public sector and three-quarters private. By 0.6 % in September 2020 information on the UK 's construction sector in September 2020 UK. Month ’ s performance, construction output Survey measures output from the Office National. Retention Scheme £7 million ) in September 2020 bulletin | released 12 November 2020 monthly in!

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