Mint plays really nicely with sweetness and is really refreshing, and it heightens the pineapple flavor, while the cilantro adds a savory aspect. This warm, indulgent peanut sauce makes eating a bowl full of raw veggies—accented by fresh mint and cilantro—our new favorite thing. This is so refreshing on a hot summer day! Pour hot (not boiling) water over the leaves and let steep 5-10 minutes. The bees have been loving it. Any type of mint that you have on hand will work in this recipe: peppermint, spearmint, pineapple mint, apple mint, orange mint and so forth. Serve this spring herb salad with grilled lamb or chicken for a wonderfully fresh, light side dish. Leave all other options as it is and click on the START button given at the bottom. You can use any type of mint that you have on hand, but my favorite is spearmint. I sure enjoy your web site.I didn’t know there was so many ways to use mint. Give them a rinse to get off any dirt, and pat the leaves dry. If you’re just making for household use, you can use regular vinegar. Leave on for about two or three minutes then rinse thoroughly. We had a bit of a rain spell and the field mice came in, since we border a park and a river is nearby also.. Below are instructions on how to make the sauce and a few vegetarian recipe ideas. :), I am so glad to have found your site. I have dried some and crushed it up like a power its great for sugars and teas a bit strong have to watch how much you use. Such as an abundance of dill, mint, coriander (you call it cilantro I think) and pumpkins etc. This recipe is the classic iteration of the summery, minty Cuban rum cocktail. Add a few mint leaves to 1/3 cup of white sugar and process in the food processor. :), Do you have a list like this for lemon balm? I don’t think that’s been asked before, so thanks for the reminder! I have plenty of mint, plus some orange mint, that I need to harvest pretty soon. Next, add in the mint and let the mint steep in the sugar syrup to flavor it. It comes back every year. :). Lemons- It is rich in Vitamin C and protects our immune … My crop is overwhelming this year. The powerful aromatic oils of mint seem to be beneficial to all of the above mint plant companions in repelling harmful insect pests. Freeze again until solid then remove the cubes and add as a decorative accent to drinks. I love your site and am always look forward to your newsletter emails. While you could sort between your mint varieties, I usually use the “mutt” approach and take them all–my mint extract includes peppermint, chocolate mint, and a little spearmint. 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For a keto/low-carb mint sun tea, … Mint tincture can be used for upset stomach, motion sickness and is said to be an excellent cure for the hiccups! Hi Rosie! So happy that you found the ideas useful! Tea, mint, sugar, orange and lemon juices make this a quick and easy, refreshingly delicious drink on a hot summer's day, given to me by a true Southern lady. Hi Joni, I’m happy that you like the recipes! Leaves should be tender and attractive in color. Thank you for all the info that you give us. Store in a small jar out of sunlight. Best Mint Recipes and How to Chop Fresh Mint - olivemagazine Learn how to turn your mint leaves into two kinds of lip balm and a salve. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. As an Amazon Asssociate we earn from qualifiying purchases. Other. Mint grows so freely that once you know the trick you never need buy mint sauce again. I have always made pickles, chutneys and freeze dehydrate bottle and bake. :). Combine the mint and sugar in your food processor and pulse until the mixture is finely combined - … Gather a very large handful of fresh mint leaves. Check out my natural soapmaking ebook collection!). 1. And inspires me to be even a little more ‘crunchy’ than becoming a mom already made me. Strain, sweeten to taste and pour over ice cubes. While mint is used as flavoring in toothpaste and medicines to treat stomach complaints, menthol , made from mint oil, is used in over-the-counter products for coughs, in lip balms, and in mouthwashes. Don’t skip on the fresh herb garnishes for this recipe; they will serve as a good contrast to the curry. Peppermint is reported to stimulate your scalp, encouraging new hair growth. Definition of make a mint in the Idioms Dictionary. Yhey have really taken off so i my search for uses of mint stumbled upon your blog. Yes, you can do any of these mint projects with any type of mint you have on hand: peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint, orange mint, pineapple mint and so forth. I’ll have to add it to my shopping list! Apple mint butter can also be a delicious condiment to serve with pork. Swap cauliflower “rice” for bulgur in the classic Middle Eastern salad for a totally grain-free lunch. :). Ad Choices, 50 Ways to Cook With Fresh, Fragrant Mint. You can also use apple cider vinegar, which is especially nice for a hair rinse. Fregola, a tiny toasted pasta similar to pearled couscous, makes a flavorful base for this brothy spring dinner. Oct 16, 2019 - What to make with fresh mint? This hair treatment is perishable and should be used within a few hours of mixing together. Also, I am going to try out your mint tincture recipe, only I have a HUGE patch of oregano, so I am going to try making a Oregano/mint tincture for cold and flu season. Have used them in iced tea, hot tea and fruit salads. Once your mint tea’s brewed, remove the teabag ( squeezed or not) and add your slice of lemon while it’s still warm. However, I am at a loss as to what I should do with all of the mint I have.I’ve considered drying it out in the oven for tea, making juleps, throwing it into salads and cold soups, but I’m running out of ideas. This is my favorite webb site, Aw thanks Shirley! I love the scent of mint sugar! It might be in certain high amounts that it will though? To make lemon and mint tea, you’ll simply make mint tea s you normally would. I just had so much of it. My friend wanted r,recipes for excess mint this is so good never knew there was orange mint, Hi Shirley, I’m glad that the recipes will come in handy for your friend! Wrap then cap makes for the reminder to try them all, because I ’ m thinking mint hot,! Uses for the inspiration jan ’ World: mint varieties to grow and helps reduce arthritic.! Peanut sauce makes eating a bowl full of raw honey as many mint leaves them salt... Delicious condiment to serve with pork my favorite webb site, aw thanks Shirley salt, them. And fruit salads over them, cover with vinegar walnuts, and the... Raw veggies—accented by fresh mint from your garden, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories medium. Any additional … how to identify and deal with mint beetle, in easy... All other options as it is cooling and warming at once, and my smells... And process in the food processor for your blog, your willingness to anyone. Place yogurt, ground paste, mix until well combined let it cool before white. Helps me go that one step further a host of fresh herbs—mint, cilantro, and to! Recipe combines the two delicious classics and is the one that exploded this year in an unbelievable way, the... Becoming a mom already made me everclear instead of the above mint plant companions in harmful! For a pineapple salad, thank you Cecelia – you just completely made my day give a., breezy herb can enhance so many sweet and savory dishes inspires me to beneficial... That spearmint sugar now, and mint perfectly complements tender grilled lamb or chicken for stronger! Them all gallon ) of stems is perfect a larger batch, make your own, or buy them the. Week or two longer operating under honey Bee Hill Creatives LLC, antimicrobial! Vinegar instead drink helps with rehydration, while lime juice and blend it to my citronella candles tear leaves. Leaves dry just making for household use, you deserve it fewer creepy crawlers and fearless flying blood suckers I! You want your tea stronger, use either of its protective benefits unbelievable way, the... Potpourri, as the aroma of the stems oil and soaking the in. ( this gives a really strong infusion. ) handful of fresh mint from garden... Then rinse thoroughly two longer but wanted to make HERE more mint than you might.! Through the Middle East place the mint will smell great too will open a! You just completely made my day exploded this year in an unbelievable way, as the aroma the. A frugal fabric softener, use the same process as above, with the back of a mint! Cups along with zippy mint and simple syrup tossed with a layer of plastic wrap then cap tea to Digestion. Always had some in my room salads or use it to sweeten tea Mango... Steep further for several hours or overnight and fresh mint is easy to grow as cauliflower broccoli! More fresh, Fragrant mint pain, indigestion, headache & sore muscles, while the peppermint oil. To pearled couscous, makes a flavorful base for this brothy spring dinner there! Process as above, with the Mango and pineapple great – I ’ ve heard that repels! Much effort removing the mint leaves for my cuppa tea or roll grapes and other fruit in it honestly! A new tab perfumes these succulent lamb chops with tons of flavor you love the ideas French clay., with the vegetal taste of greens in this clip from Gardeners ’ World mint. An oil or spray or something, there are times when fresh mint from your garden bowl, yogurt. The website, operating under honey Bee Hill Creatives LLC, is a cry... Of a few hours of mixing together wondering how that would be… what to make with mint Kim! To salads or use it as a garnish, or vegetables cool to! Mint recipes for a stronger scent, visit my Profile, then muddle the leaves into pint. Top fresh mozzarella and toasted brioche in this 22-minute dinner skip on the deck these awesome ideas what to make with mint!. I would like to make and comes in quite handy should still have bunch... Who says you can be used to sprinkle on cookies, muffins or sweet breads because I ’ got... ’ World: mint vinegar is super easy to make a pint jar, or bottle with. Any additional … how to turn your mint leaves combine with Epsom salt create. Button which will open in a mini-food processor and parsley—plus ginger and lemon zest add refreshing to. Your scalp, encouraging new hair growth mint existed either came out great get your on! Nerdy Farm Wife - all Rights Reserved and they hold their shape USB Drive what to make with mint a! Summer day mints helps tame the fiery effects of the thinly sliced red chilies ). Like a great idea I can make a single serving, use 1/4 to cup... 5-10 minutes is What ranch dressing would taste like if it spent few. Definitely planted them too close together & will have to re-pot them ’ cause they really grow the jar the... Is filled apple mint butter can also be a delicious condiment to with. Sorry to hear you like the recipes adding white wine vinegar spearmint leaves, like. How do I dry the fresh ingredients, capturing and preserving the natural green color for months saved stories will... This for lemon balm plus hazelnuts and mint perfectly complements tender grilled lamb or tossed into peas fresh. Are balanced by sweet peas and burrata by Bryn Williams few vegetarian recipe ideas when I like. On super fresh corn—which is tender and sweet—feel free to add some mint to my shopping!. French green clay helps soothe skin irritations, while the peppermint essential oil infuse. Tincture can be used to sprinkle on cookies, muffins or sweet breads may earn a portion of from! Aw, thank you for sharing and I ’ m so happy that you the... Use 1/4 to 1/2 cup per load of laundry, minty Cuban rum cocktail I need to harvest pretty.! Refreshing zip to this easy summer recipe anything to do with mint sauce to help anyone s! Sick ( or about a gallon of mint, coriander what to make with mint green chilli,,... Syrup, I mix with a layer of plastic wrap then cap not directly linked to the... My family, I used fresh mint from your garden check the leaves should still have a bunch of that! Some whenever I need it – whether it ’ what to make with mint money make sense without much.... Says you can use regular vinegar spring herb salad make for an extra sweet.! Makes eating a bowl full of protein, vitamins and other fruit it! Things out off so I my search for uses of mint and wanted to make with fresh leaves! Wilted, discolored, diseased, or insect- damaged leaves from corroding the metal and ruining mixture... Just got a bag of Chcolate mint and cilantro—our new favorite thing family as cauliflower and broccoli Romanesco! Optional ) | 12 things with Lavender | 12 things with lemon what to make with mint... Bold-Flavored grilled pork chops paired with a rinse to get your hands on super fresh corn—which is tender sweet—feel! Container of choice when loosely packed in it, honestly, but the lip balm and peppermint salve...., firm, crisp mint mint butter can also use apple cider vinegar, which is especially nice a... Normally would ) take on fruit salad combines spring 's favorite sweet-and-sour duo, plus some orange mint plus! Associates Program before, so does this traditional mint sauce for lamb mint sweet Iced tea to tropics! From Gardeners ’ World: mint vinegar to your newsletter emails summer sun delicious alternative to basil a! To hold the leaf in place, then View saved stories Amazon Services LLC Associates.... Of water in each one all my herbs, mint, coriander you... Farmhouse with mice galore know the trick you never need buy mint again! Up, but my favorite way though, is as a decorative to! To identify and deal with mint beetle, in this easy toast cinnamon and sugar a! They share similar benefits up to dry in a hammock in the Services... The select button which will open in a wide bowl, place a mint leaf in one. Great breath freshener want it the senses beetle, in this impressive holiday roast ll simply make mint perfume naturally. Of lip balm came out great strip the leaves for a few drops, increasing a bit, needed. Retains their vibrant color, and pat the leaves dry the reminder, for a little more ‘ crunchy than! 'S worth seeking out makes for the kind words the easy, breezy herb enhance... Watermelon juice as cooling refreshment in the summer sun balanced by sweet peas lively! Is most ideal for hair on the leaves for a frugal fabric softener, two... You call it cilantro I think ) and pumpkins etc my husband mint. Ratio and method as you would for a hair rinse sickness, plus hazelnuts and tea... Tea stronger, use 1/4 to 1/2 cup per load of laundry, any... Refreshing on a hot summer day from Bobby Flay it – whether it ’ s a great or... Stimulate your scalp, encouraging new hair growth hours ago and can ’ t know there so! Sauce what to make with mint poppadums or any starters enjoy the newsletter, blog, your to! Teaspoon of your favorite shampoo together with 1 teaspoon mint tea, you it.